IxD, Automotive, Haptic, Concepting. Sept 2012 - Jan 2013


Inform the driver of possible warnings through haptic feedback


In collaboration with Volvo Cars Copenhagen, I have been researching about multimodality and the use of other senses in the automotive field. The result of these studies yielded to CARess low-cost haptic interface – presented to Olof Person, Volvo’s CEO, and Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President Design, Volvo. The prototype is a matrix of 12 vibrating motors, which permits the creation of complex tactile feedback. The work has been presented at the conference Eurohaptics 2014 in Versailles - France.

My Role

My role within the project was to frame the challenge, design, build and evaluate the interface and the design of the haptic stimuli.

Tech Tools

Vibrating Motors, Arduino, Surround Haptic.