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Ciao, I’m Stefano,
freelance product designer

I help businesses grow by crafting digital products and services. Based in Berlin, available worldwide.

Challenges I love embracing

Supporting the transition to clean energy

Designing a modern web app to efficiently optimize sales, installation, and service of Sonnen batteries.

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Simplifying the way Italians file their taxes

Revolutionizing the Italian tax filing market by crafting a seamless multiplatform app experience for iOS, Android, and web. See it in action here

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Guiding people through each stage of their journey

Creating a guided experience that balances information, time, and sensory elements. Developing ideas related to interconnected ecosystems and interaction among various components, including platforms, wearables, and infrastructure.

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Uncovering new possibilities beyond the GUI

Developing innovative concepts that utilize directional sound to effectively alert drivers to potential hazards. Read our patent

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Taking the rocket science out of banking

Untangling and streamlining the process of Know Your Customer (KYC) within the broader scope of anti-money laundering. A web app that allows corporate clients to open their bank account with Raiffeisen Bank and start their business. Discover more → here

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Facilitating German voters' access to unbiased candidate information

During the 2017 Bundestag elections, eligible voters had the chance to use an interactive website to identify politicians in their constituency and make informed choices for their first and second vote.

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Unveiling the perfect fusion from Lifestyle to UI

Crafting Smartwatch faces by tailoring designs for diverse personas and markets.>

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