Co-Teach, Research, Mentor. 2013-2014

Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology

Aalborg University Campus


Physical Interface Design (PID)

PID is a course module where students learn about basic principles of electronics and how different touch based sensors can be interfaced to a microcontroller to design novel new forms of interactions between man and machines.

Prototyping and Fabrication Techniques (PFT)

PFT was practical and hands-on course, that has covered topics such as the Fundamentals of Design, the role of digital fabrication in architecture and product design, advanced microcontrollers with wired/wireless communications, input devices and haptics, modelling and design tools (CAD/CAM software), additive and subtractive fabrication techniques (3D printing, Laser Cutting). The students had to deliver a project in the form of a Kickstarter campaign.


As part of my duty at Aalborg University (AAU), I supervised and helped students during their semester group project. The project was based on Problem Based Learning in which each group, formed by 5 to 7 students, analyzed, explored and tried to solve a real life problem.


I assisted with researches in the Multi-Sensory Experience Lab. The lab mixes studies of Virtual Reality, 3D audio, Haptic and rapid prototyping. I also wrote some papers, if you are interested you can find them here.

Wave Field Synthesis