IxD, Prototyping. 2013

Collaborators: Giuseppe Burdo, Emanuele Libralato, Stefano Baldan


Explore new way of interacting with the London public transportations system through different portable devices.


Cityboarding is an iPhone app connected to a 3D printed bus which allows you to know from where and when to board. Every time a bus of your choice comes, you will get notified on your mobile and through a tangible 3D printed bus. The Hardware chosen is all about open source components. The simplest configuration included an arduino nano, a bluetooth module and an RGB led and a vibrating motor. Cityboarding was a project developed online and across 3 cities, Copenhagen, Venice and London and that has been presented at Maker Faire 2013 in New York City. The project evolved into Superclock.

My Role

Beside an initial phase of concept elaboration and researching about the topic of wearable and transportation, I mainly focused on creating different kind of prototypes of the physical bus.

Tech Tools

Arduino, 3D printing, Digital Fabrication.