HERE Technologies

UX/UI, IxD, Concepting, Prototyping. 2015 - 2017

HERE auto


HERE is a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences, which helps people navigate their lives and make sense of the world with intelligent and personal maps.

My Role

I work as Interaction Designer for the the Automotive Experience Design Team. My daily tasks lies behind two mainstreams: Product and Innovation. From the product side I create UX Specification, IA, Wireframes, IxD Paradigms, Prototypes and Validation of new product features. From the innovation stream I explore concept such as autonomous driving, voice interfaces, multimodality and sound design.


The methodology used is the Agile development. I engage dialogue with developers and project managers since the early stages of the work, to ensure that the design is aligned with the product, avoiding further problems in the development phase.

Tech Tools

HTML5+js+CSS3, Axure, Framerjs, Adobe Suite, Max/MSP, Arduino.