Design, Concepting. 2014

Collaborators: Francesco Grani, Georgios Triantafyllidis, Leapcraft

copenhagen sense

This project focused on a more intelligent use of existing street space and efficient mobility, in the track of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solutions. It was done in collaboration between Aalborg University and Leapcraft.


Optimize the capturing, processing and visualization of traffic data for improving urban mobility.


CPH:Sense is a micro capsule based on a single board computer, which captures multimodal data (bicycles, pedestrians, cars, etc) through multimodal sensors (cameras, microphones, loops detector, etc) and finally processes data locally. The uses state-of-the-art Computer Vision techniques and various ambient sensor makes possible to capture and analyze the street space, in order to get the semantics out of the scene. The CPH:Sense is based on an Open Hardware and Open Data approach, which makes possible to imagine and create further development both of the sensors and the software in every moment.

My Role

During the project, I had the chance to work strictly in connection with the municipality of Copenhagen getting a deep insight on how public sector works. I was involved from the first phase of defining the concept, analyzing risks and scalability of a possible business till supporting the final implementation and on site test of the prototype.

Tech Tools

Max/MSP, Raspberry pi, Arduino, Digital Fabrication, Python.