Sound and Music

Product Sound, Musical Interfaces, Sonic IxD. 2007- Now


Investigate areas of sonic interaction design, product sound, sound branding, audio-haptic interaction, sound synthesis by physical models and music interfaces.


In the past years I have been investigating different aspects of sound and music. I have focused on how music affects people' behaviors and mental activity. I tried to gain knowledge on why people make music and how they do it together. I built musical interfaces and present them at conferences. I dug into product sound and sound branding exploring how sound affect the value of a brand, help the usage and feeling of a product. I had fun prototyping continuous sonic interaction in augmented pop-up books.

I shared my knowledge with a guest lecture regarding the power of sound for the course “Neurodesign: The Brain Bases of Design, from Product Development to Communication” by Dalia Bagdziunaite ( Copenhagen - October 2014). I co-held a Master class “Sound Design" at the Polytechnical Museum Moscow (Russia - 11 to 13 November 2014) focusing on sound modelling, methods of work with sounds of the environment and their transformation.

Tech Tools

Max/MSP, Ableton Live Suite, Logic Pro, Basic Electronics.