MSc Thesis, IxD, Automotive, HMI. 2013

Collaborators: Florian Krischker, Salvatore Vitale, Rebecca Loh, Josias Warti, Alexandra Tanner


Explore other four senses, in particular, touch, hearing, smell and taste, for possible solutions of interaction with the vehicle while being connected to the virtual world. This project was my Master Thesis made as a part of ConSenses 2013 (POLE project) in collaboration with Continental


ViTA is a Human Machine Interface for automotive. An armrest for cars which embeds vibrotactile and thermal feedback. This project has attempted to find a new way to deliver prioritized and non driving related information to the driver through sound, vibrotactile and thermal stimuli

In order to evaluate the validity of the multimodal stimuli a test in both driving and non driving context was performed.

My Role

My role within the group was to lead the whole design process. Understanding the challenge, preparing the research, gathering inspiration, defining requirements, generating ideas, making prototypes, performing usability test and pitching to the company.

Tech Tools

Max/MSP jitter, Arduino, CNC, Adobe package, Axure